The Uruk PM
Grants Program

PM Services

We at Uruk PM believe in the Future of Work in Project Management, which includes transforming the project management practice to minimize project failures and maximize success. With the Uruk Platform, we know that organizations can deliver products and complete projects faster and at a lower cost than before Uruk.

Therefore, in the spirit of supporting our communities and aligning with our mission of transforming project management for all sectors and domains, we introduce the Uruk PM Grants Programs!

Under this program, Uruk PM will extend specific organizations access to the entire Uruk Platform without any restrictions:

  • Five users’ licenses and 10 view-only licenses (more is possible).
  • The access is granted for an entire year, but we can also discuss a more extended period.
  • In addition to the licenses, we will support these organizations with onboarding and training.

Eligible Organizations

Currently, we are considering two groups as possible recipients of these grants.

Each year, we will issue five grants to each group, a total of ten grants. We will issue
these grants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • The first group is open to registered not-for-profit organizations.
  • The second group is academic institutions, such as universities and colleges

However, these grants are for academic educational programs and not for other
university projects.