The pioneering Uruk Platform is active and available to the project management community. You can explore using a 30-day Trial Plan. REGISTER NOW SUKAD is a technology company dedicated to facilitating the next frontier of project management solutions. By unifying robust project management methodology with flexible software technology, Sukad is ushering in a new standard for project success. Despite the proliferation of project management solutions over the past 30 years, the project success rate is still surprisingly low and stagnant. We believe the confluence of technology and project management frameworks over the past several years have created a new opportunity to solve this problem.


Software as a Service, Management Consulting, Project Management


$3.6 to $7.9 billion (Project Management Software only)


Any company that delivers value through projects & programs

The Uruk Platform, Webinar

In this video, we offer a brief presentation focusing on the Managing a Project element of the Uruk Platform. We present the element and its four functional centers and mention the relevant 37 modules of this element.


SUKAD is a young startup with a history and we are proud to be starting from two ends of the world: North America and the West Asia (the home base of our predecessor).

We are looking to reach a global market with our solution.

Our co-founders have already built success in multiple countries.

$3.6 – $7.9 BILLION

It is estimated that our total addressable market will fall between $3.6 to $7.9 billion. This is based on a recent reports and studies, from PMI, Transparency Market Research and others.


It is also worth noting that the Project Management Institute estimated that the global need for 87.7 million individuals working on project by 2027. Currently, there are at least two million individuals with one project management certification or another.

The Uruk Platform, Webinar, Brief Demo

This video includes a brief and quick demo of a few of the functionalities that we have built into the Uruk Platform. We discuss setting up and activating a project, selecting a tailored method, linking MS Project template, planning a stage, implementing a stage, and the project life cycle management.

Project & Stages Success

The Uruk PPM Platform will incorporate the SUKAD success model with the criteria of how to assess the success for each dimension. There will be a SUKAD default criterion and approach. However, this will require customization to suit the client’s needs.

Let’s Be the Change