Uruk SoloPM Program

As part of our support for the project management community, we would like to offer a free Uruk lifetime license to project managers, project management professionals, and independent consultants who would like to contribute to improving the platform and, ultimately, enhance the project management practice.

Who Should Apply ?

A project manager, project management professional, or an independent contractor, and:

  • You are looking for a way to better organize and streamline your PM work
  • You enjoy giving back and contributing to the PM community
  • You prefer to do all your work on a unified, comprehensive digital platform rather than use multiple tools

What does Uruk Offer ?

Uruk is offering a Lifetime Uruk Single-user License:

  • 1 Free Single-user License Lifetime Access
  • Login to 1 Device at a Time
  • Up to 2 Concurrently Active Projects
  • Free Unlimited Uruk Viewer Licenses

Your Contribution

Uruk PM would like you to contribute the following:

  • 1 product review within a month of sign up
  • Submit a brief case study on how you use the Uruk platform, and any shared insights, before the end of 3 months after signup
  • 1 public testimonial within 3 months of signup
  • Submit 1 Uruk feedback form before the end of 3 months after signup

Offer Term & Conditions

The offer is conditional upon you signing the “Uruk SoloPM Program” agreement and providing your written consent to the terms and conditions provided by Uruk PM for that purpose.

Participation Bonus

Once we receive your contributions as listed above, we will list your name, with your permission, as an individual contributor on the Uruk PM Website.

How to Sign up?

Send us an email at info@urukpm.com
Email Subject: Subscription Request to Uruk SoloPM Program

  • Provide a summary of your PM work and experience
  • Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Provide links to any social media or publications, with your name on them, that you would like us to consider