What does Uruk mean? What is the origin of the name that we selected for the Uruk Platform, the project management cloud-based solution? What inspired the logo?

A quick pitch for the Uruk Platform, the SUKAD engine of applied project management that would help organizations lead projects Concept to Success!

SUKAD Corp is developing The Uruk Platform, a comprehensive, versatile, and pioneering cloud-based solution, which we like to call the Engine of Project Success.

The Various Levels of managing a Project across its Life Cycle and What would be included in the URUK Platform?

Go through this video and see How will the Uruk Platform help organizations.

A pitch for the investment, Round 2, in SUKAD Corp for the development of the Uruk PPM Platform, a cloud-based solution.

This video includes a few of the testimonials of the early investors. Some of them invested a great deal of time, effort, and money.

Let’s Be the Change