What Uruk?

What is the Uruk Platform?

A SaaS platform!

Currently, the Uruk Platform helps organizations lead the management of capital projects across the entire project life cycle, with transparency and in real-time.

In the Uruk Platform, the project life cycle starts with the vision of the final asset. Then it passes through various stages until the asset is ready to market and beneficial use. The PLC ends with the PLC Closure stage, after an initial operations period and success assessment.

The mid-term vision is for the Uruk Platform to become a solution for Integrated Portfolio Management.
Integrated Portfolio Management is the Uruk Way concept, where organizations can manage their entire portfolio, programs, and projects.

Further, the Uruk Platform will automatically synchronize information across organizational divisions and between projects, programs, and the portfolio.

The Uruk Platform’s innovative features are vital for managing projects successfully

Lead your product delivery work from product vision to market, beneficial use, and success, regardless of type, size, complexity, or product development mode.

The Uruk project life cycle approach covers the project life span from Idea to Closure. It incorporates often ignored areas, such as the discovery phase for the venture and the operational readiness, which is a must for a smooth transition from implementation to operation.

Streamline your project with the build in Tailored Methods for  sector, domain, development approach projects and project class.

You can use one of our portfolio of methods, or we will build YOURS!

Management at vital decision points

Collaboration at various levels, within the team and management at vital decision points.

Seamless integration across various organizational levels and functions.

Stage management in alignment with the PMI & ISO guidelines.

Comprehensive and more complex stage  management Integration across various organizational levels and functions

Modules for the numerous project Management functions and other actions, such as scope, cost, change, tasks, and Issues management.

Empowers the team with the competence to success.

Open-knowledge portal to facilitate shared learning, and an Uruk Guide section with numerous demos, tutorials, and guidelines.


Take better decisions with the seamless and accurate real-time performance tracking and reporting

Minimize the workflow and optimize your time with the supporting templates