Uruk Platform

Why the Uruk Platform?

Leading capital projects is complex and challenging, leading to a high failure rate.
The success rate might vary from 0.5% to 60%, depending on the source and their methods of calculation success and failure.
The root cause can be attributed to two sides of the same coin:

The absence of effective organizational project management systems & methods. If they exist, then they require massive improvement and digitization.

Lack of project management integration with the rest of the organizational functions and overdependence on outsourcing rather than building internal capacity and competence.

A mission-driven SaaS platform that enables collaborative, frictionless, and informed decisions to ensure governance and proper capital deployment.

We are new to the market and have yet to show evidence from our clients. However, we ask you to consider the following information from independent sources highlighting the value of project life cycle management and the stage gate approach.

By the Numbers * 


Increase in speed to market

2 x

More revenue and profit

2.5 x

More likely to be on budget and on time


Well-defined PLC Model

Experience about 5% NPV increase

PLC Model, but not well-defined

Experience ~22% NPV reduction

Not uing a PLC Model

Experience up to 45% NPV reduction

* Sources:  https://www.stage-gate.com  & Capital Projects book, Paul Barshop; benchmarking of thousands of projects

The Critical Differentiator

Uruk Platform is  a fantastic solution

As a pioneering, innovative, and comprehensive solution (not a tool).

It is the only market solution covering the entire product delivery lifecycle. 

The Uruk Platform offers many functionalities and features. However, the following are the critical differentiator from other PPM product and tools in the market.

Built-in Organizational System

  • A integrate ecosystem : People , tools and processes. Empowers the team with know knowledge, with the right tools and a optimice process.

Highly adaptive and customizable

  • Flexibilize the method. Versatility for sector, domain, development approach projects and project class.

Product delivery management

  • Includes various Products -Delivery Life cycles.
  • Leading the product delivery work from product vision to market, beneficial use, and success.
  • Breaking the silos between organizational units and enhancing frictionless collaborations

Highly Facilitate building a competent & winning culture

  • Empowers the team with the competence to success.
  • Capture lessons in real time.
  • Open knowledge library with numerous case studies, e-books, guides, and other resources.

Quick implementation & low cost

  • Enhance your product delivery
  • Implement a new one if you do not have it
  • Allowing the generation of value and benefits management immediately