So, why the Uruk Platform?

The Uruk Platform would enable organizations to deliver their products and complete their projects faster, at a significantly lower cost. Ultimately, minimize project failures and significantly increase the chance of success and shareholders’ value!


Many organizations lose their projects history as employees exit or forget. If they fail to properly archive project history – and they often do – their history will be lost forever.

The Uruk Platform will capture:

  • All project actions
  • Schedules & tracking
  • Project changes & risks
  • Project documents
  • Cost estimates & budgets
  • Alternatives & decisions

Some of the Uruk Essential Features


Tailored methods that
are fit-for-purpose


Organizational continuous improvement


Ease of implementation;
speed and cost


Open knowledge library so we can learn as a community


Methodology-driven with
built-in processes


Seamless and real-time accurate and transparent reporting

What differentiates The Uruk Platform from other PPM products

in the market.

There are many features; we will focus on one here!

1. Most PPM products are tools to help project managers manage tasks and use them for collaboration and timesheets. In other words, they are task management tools.

2. Further, they are primarily about managing a stage, not the whole project. We know, they are called project management software, but many practitioners view the development phase (of a product) as the entire project. For example, agile development is about developing a software product (or other product), but it is for the Development Stage (i.e., implementation work), not the entire project.

To summarize the above, most PPM tools are (1) for managing a stage and not the entire project (concept to closure), and (2) even for the stage, the focus is on task management, not complete project management.

Therefore, most tools are not about leading a project from concept to success.

Why? Because most projects start in one department, then move to another department, and maybe a third department. In other words, it is not unusual that to lead a project End-to-End, different departments handle, and often with a loss of information in the transitions.

So, how is the Uruk Platform different? See the image!

Integrating PM with Business

Let’s Be the Change