The Uruk Platform:

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Uruk Project Management


A technology innovator.

We aim to help organizations bridge vision to achievement!

We begin with the end in mind: 

We pledge to support you towards industry leadership, driven by a commitment to success.

We subscribe to a core concept: 

Integrations to Deliver Value

Integrating project management with all aspects of how organizations identify and lead change.

Integrating project management with program, product, and portfolio management. 

Transforming Projects | Elevating performance

To elevate the organization’s performance, as it becomes a center of excellence, organizations must transform how they lead projects and their entire portfolio.

Why transform?

The problems:

The rate of failure is too high and with severe consequences:

  • Roughly two-thirds of IT projects either fail or are challenged
  • About 70% of construction projects suffer from cost and schedule problems
  • 65% of megaprojects fail (a megaproject is US$1B+)

The challenges and high failure rate, exist in all sectors and domains

Why transform?

The value:

Organizations with a higher level of project management maturity can  :

  • Increase the speed to market (of their product development) by up to 30%
  • They can double the chance of achieving the cost and schedule objectives
  • Would be able to significantly reduce the cost of leading their portfolios
  • Further, achieve higher profitability

Leading Change| How to Transform

We offer you two routes for your transformation journey.

Below are the routes and a simple guideline. We will be happy to explore it with you!


Mastering Project Management, with AI: 

Project management excellence requires three pillars: people, processes, and technology. Through the Uruk Platform, we are providing a digital solution (technology) with built-in leading practices (processes and methods) to elevate the performance of people (competency)!

So, where does AI/ML fit in? 

Our vision is to embed AI in three separate ways:

  • Learning and knowledge sharing (supporting competency development)
  • A co-pilot assisting team members in all aspects (increasing efficacy)
  • Benchmarking and predictive analytics to support governance (optimizing organizational performance).

in the future

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