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The Uruk Platform

The Engine of Project Success

Welcome to the new frontier of  Project Management

A product of innovative computing technology and methodological approaches based on real-world experience designed to facilitate product delivery processes end-to-end.

Built-in organizational system 
A integrated ecosystem: People, tools, and processes.

Built-in numerous customized methods Streamline your project with our 49 built methods.
Product-delivery Management
An approach that integrates often ignored areas such as ventures’ discovery phase and operational readiness.
Adaptive & include numerous functionalities                                        Versatility for the sector, domain, development approach projects, and project class.

Uruk Project Management

Previously SUKAD Corp, Uruk Project Management (Uruk PM) is a specialized technology-enabled management consultancy focused on integrating project management with product and asset management. Through the Uruk Platform, a digital product-delivery methodological solution, organizations can lead their projects to success across the entire life cycle from ideation to market, operation, and closure.

Uruk PM Services

Uruk PM offers various project management services, including executive advisory services, consultancy & organizational solutions, and talent  & competency development. We provide enterprise-specific solutions and customized methods that optimize performance.

With our adaptive approach, Uruk PM works toward making project management processes more efficient, effective, and optimized. We developed our system from decades of real-world experience working on projects in various domains, with a core focus on oil & gas and the capital-intensive projects sector.

Collaboration culture:
The Future of Work

To promote more efficient and effective project management solutions, we at Uruk PM continuously forming collaborative partnerships with local and global industry innovators and developers.

in the future

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