The Uruk Way

Transforming the state of Project Management practice.

Over the years, our founders identified many gaps in practice triggered by the common misunderstanding of many topics. Such confusion often leads to organizations managing tasks rather than the entire asset/product delivery lifecycle. In other words, losing sight of the asset/product vision and the need to realize benefits! The net impact of these gaps has been a high rate of project failures. Further, such failures have affected the status and value of strategic project management.

In response to these gaps, our leadership team researched the root causes of project failure, identified the critical success factors, developed organizational project management systems and methods, and published content about the solution via videos, e-books, and books. However, that was not enough. The logical next step was to capitalize on technology and digital transformation and convert that R&D work into a cloud-based digital solution as SaaS/Enterprise software.

Therefore, our mission is to elevate the status of project management and advocate the need to make project management indispensable for organizational performance, a strategic imperative!

How can we accomplish the transformation?

By capitalizing on the Uruk Platform as a starting point to help organizations in their project digital transformation journey. 

The Uruk Platform is an innovative, pioneering, and comprehensive solution built on the pillars of integrating people, processes, and technology.

It is an asset/product delivery solution that allows organizations to lead their project from idea to success

In other words, we want to shift the mindset from task, stage, and technical project management to asset/product delivery management. 

What is so important about asset/product delivery management?

  • The ability to see the entire process.
  • Integrating project management with the strategic & organizational aspects on the front end.
  • Integrating project management with the operations side before, during, and after handover.
  • This approach is proven to reduce cost and speed up project completion and faster market entry.

In addition to the Uruk Platform, Uruk Project Management can offer clients numerous other services to support the transformation.

These services include:

  • Executive Advisory
  • Consultancy & Organizational Solutions
  • Competency Development