If you are one of the professionals who follow our blog site and social media, you probably know that SUKAD Corp is developing the Uruk Platform. Further, you might know that we have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is necessary to raise funds to continue developing this pioneering cloud-based solution. Consequently, today we decided to write about the Uruk Platform and share the why, what and who, and how.

Why the Uruk Platform?

First, to understand why SUKAD Corp is developing the Uruk Platform, one must understand its primary knowledge foundation is the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework. Consequently, one needs to understand why the SUKAD Way. Here, this video will help answer this point.

Who is behind the Uruk Platform?

The answer to who is behind the Uruk Platform (and the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework) is easy, yours truly, Mounir Ajam. As a result of our work, we have published many books and e-books on the subject. Further, it is worth noting that the SUKAD Way core solution is CAMMP, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™. This book, Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile, documents CAMMP Version 3. Finally, it is important to note that we started working on CAMMP and the SUKAD Way in our previous company, SUKAD FZ-LLC, in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the Uruk Platform?

The short answer

It is a pioneering, comprehensive, and versatile cloud-based solution. 

As a digital solution, it would enable organizations to manage projects and portfolios. Therefore, in the Pandemic era, the Uruk Platform is ideal for those working from home or working from anywhere. Further, with the use of technology, organizations can implement their project management process’s digital transformation. However, if an organization does not have a PM Process, they can use the Uruk Platform. Consequently, for any organization that wants to implement a PM System, Uruk will save them the initial investment (can be huge) and rolled out in days or weeks.

The long answer

I think the next section, would help providing the long answer.

How will the Uruk Platform help organizations?

The best and fastest way to answer: “how will the Uruk Platform help organizations” is through a series of images.

The highest level

Fron this next image, one will notice that the Uruk Platform has four elements. However, two of them are core elements, and the other two are mostly supporting elements.

The Uruk Platform, High-Level View

First, let us start with the supporting elements. These are (a) Administrative and (b) Engaging with the Community.

The Administrative Element

The administrative element is mostly about establishing the calendars, team members’ timesheets, and internal forum for discussions within the client organizations. Further, these are the essential infrastructure that would support Portfolio Management and Project Management in the organization.

The Administrative Elements

The Engaging with the Community Element

Currently, we envision four functional centers in engaging with the community element. First, we include the Uruk Platform overview and tutorials here. In addition, we have an open library with numerous knowledge-sharing resources. Finally, there would be a communication platform for exchange among the Uruk users globally.

Consequently, these are the seeds to build a Community of Practice.

Engaging with the Community Element

Core Element: Managing the Portfolio

Every organization has a portfolio of projects and programs to help them implement their strategic plan and vision. However, managing the portfolio is not centralized or well structured often. Therefore, the Uruk Platform is embedding many functional centers to enable the Project Management Unit (or PMO) to effectively manage the whole portfolio. However, it is not possible to explain each of these centers and their functionalities today. Therefore, we leave further discussions to future posts and videos.

Managing the Portfolio Element

The Engine of Project Success

We often describe the Uruk Platform as the Engine of Applied Project Management. Therefore, our website will be www.urukapm.com, although it is not live yet.

However, as we zoom in on the Uruk elements, this fourth element is what we like to describe as The Engine of Project Success. The focus on PROJECT SUCCESS is that this element is about managing and leading a project from concept to success! As a result, this element is huge and is the heart of Uruk.

Hence this is a huge element; it technically consists of two sub-elements. The first sub-element is about managing the Project Life Cycle workflow, concept to success, which is based on CAMMP. However, the second part is about all of the project management supporting functions.

Managing a Project Element, Managing the Project Life Cycle Sub-Element
Managing a Project Element, Project Management Supporting Functions Sub-Element

What is unique about the above?

There are many unique features about the Uruk Platform.

  1. It is methodology-driven, i.e., pioneering, since there is nothing like it in the market today.
  2. Further, it covers projects from concept to closure and beyond, i.e., comprehensive.
  3. Another comprehensive feature is the “Managing the Portfolio” element.
  4. Uruk integrates project management with the business (product and asset management).
  5. The platform would include numerous tailored methods, making it highly versatile to use in different sectors and various project types.
  6. We can quickly support a client to further tailor Uruk to their needs and make the system “fit-for-purpose.”
  7. Further, through various functionalities, we are embedding lessons learned from decades of global experience, working on projects worth billions of US$. Therefore, our embedded lessons include the good, the bad, and the ugly lessons that we had captured over the years.

Finally, do you see why we call it the Engine of Project Success?

Closing Remarks

As we said earlier, the primary knowledge foundation for Uruk is the SUKAD Way, which includes CAMMP. Further, if you recall, we have documented CAMMP Version 3, the latest, via a CRC Press published book, Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile. Did you notice the name? The reason for “beyond waterfall and agile” is that Uruk is an Adaptive Project Management–AND–Product Delivery methodological approach. Therefore, whether you want to use predictive (big bang) or agile (iterative/incremental) development, Uruk is for YOU!

Finally, to consider the crowdfunding campaign for the Uruk Platform, please click here. This second link is the campaign page.