About us

We are not about building a software TOOL; we are here to change the project management culture and disrupt the project management’s current state of practice.

The Uruk Platform Elements

Uruk PM is developing The Uruk Platform, a comprehensive, versatile, and pioneering cloud-based solution, which we like to call the Engine of Project Success. The Uruk Platform enables organizations to complete their projects and deliver products to market faster and at a lower cost, significantly enhancing shareholder value.

Our Mission

The ultimate purpose of SUKAD Corp is to help organizations build and sustain their project management functions, to elevate their performance, and to become centers of excellence. The Uruk Platform is an ideal starting point since it has the basic organizational project management system and tailored methods built-in, and no need to recreate them.


  • Methodology-driven: solution based on decades of real-world experience
  • Highly competitive price inclusive of resources’ library
  • Developed by project management experts
  • Seamless integration among the various organizational levels
  • Transparency & Governance: Real-time reporting and performance metrics
  • Support: integration with consultancy and training
  • Versatile: can be used for any project, regardless of type, size, or complexity