About us

We are here to transform the project management culture and disrupt the project management’s current state of practice.


To enable organizations to elevate performance, optimize their capital deployment, and lead projects to maximize shareholders´ and stakeholders´ value. 


To become a leading organizations solution provider and a global project management advocate.


We aim to help organizations transform how to lead their projects and programs, emphasizing the principles of Integrations to Deliver Value!


Innovation: Creating innovative solutions and leading new opportunities

Integrity, Authenticity, and Accountability: We view these values as the interrelated foundation of who we are as individuals. It is part of Uruk’s way, acting with ethics and embracings our word with actions, and taking full responsibility for them. 

Diversity & Inclusion: we bring different experiences and backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.

Community: Our team and community are integral to our mission and purpose. The Uruk Team forms the core that drives our success, enabling us to fulfill our mission and purpose, extending its impact on society. We want to use the power of project management not only within our company but also in our community, uplifting societies and humanity as a whole

Sustainability: setting sustainable practices inside the company and helping our clients to embed sustainability in their projects.