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Our mission is driven to transform the practice of project management and help the community and organizations through their transformation processes.

For us, it’s our passion to deliver resources that will empower our community and clients to the engine of project success.

Do not miss any of the events. Check the upcoming events and watch the past events!  We host events catered to those who are interested in learning how to bring a project to success. Explore different key points on project management , and learn from experts in the field.
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Some of the books our founder has written: ¨Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile¨ presents a flexible, universal, and integrated three-dimensional model for managing projects, the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAMMP™). You can see more books and e-books in the section.
We offer some referral that support the practice of project management Feel free to navigate.
Our podcast aims to deliver a top-notch episode every week. The content will revolve around crucial topics like project management transformation, performance enhancement, achieving success, and harmonizing people, processes, and technology.
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This series encapsulates the fundamental mindset at the heart of UrukPM, striving to revolutionize how organizations approach project management.