Executive Advisors

We realize that many executives might not have project management expertise. Yet, they might have identified a need to improve shareholders’ value through improved performance of their portfolio of projects and programs. The challenge is where to start and what is the ideal solution for their organizational environment. 

Consequently, some executives might believe that project management certifications could be an answer. However, certificate holders must have an organizational system to embrace them. Then, executives shift to establishing a PMO (project management office). However, many PMOs fail quickly without the proper mandate and executive support. 

What can we do to help?

At Uruk PM, our Executive Advisory services focus on advancing the senior management capabilities to lead the project management function and sponsor projects and programs. Our purpose is to help YOU maximize the value of shareholders and stakeholders. 

The Uruk PM services are adaptive and customized: 

1. We can help through one-on-one engagement with a made-to-measure approach that fits the executive and organization’s needs.

2. We can provide short-term executive coaching.

3. The strategic value of PM (awareness and executive-level training)

4. Further, we can also offer extensive engagement with you and your team, such as a project-leadership development program.