Product Vision

The Uruk Platform will be a suite of integrated applications, which we call elements. 

The product vision is for the Uruk Platform to be an Integrated Organizational solution! However, our immediate goal is to transform the platform into an Integrated Portfolio Management solution focusing on the 4PMs (Project, Program, Product, and Portfolio Management).

Integrated Portfolio Management (IPM)

Integrated Portfolio Management is a term in UrukPM that integrates the 4PMs

4PMs refers to Project, Program, Product, and Portfolio Management, and in this context, the platform includes Supporting Actions (tools).

The Roadmap

All plans will share the following:

  1. Project and program management methodological process (including tailored methods and agile)
  2. The community of practice modules (knowledge portal, guides, libraries, discussion forums, etc.)
  3. Project and program databases, performance management, reporting, and executive dashboards
  4. The essential tools, like tasks, issues, document management, project success, and lessons learned.

The specific for the various plans

  • The base plan will also include team and communication management, time tracking, and stakeholders’ engagement
  • The enhanced plan will add scope, cost, schedule, earned value, change, risk management, and forecasting
  • The IPM plan will include various portfolio management modules
  • The advanced plan will include other tools like procurement and quality.