Who can benefit from the Uruk Platform?

Uruk PM presents a complete package of services that suits all organizations. Our project management solution has distinguished our audience based on their sectors and domains. The leading sectors that utilize project management are the Capital Projects sector (CIP), Technology Projects sector , and general Projects. For this reason, our solution addresses each sector to provide the related organizations with the most relevant features and functionalities that save them effort, time, and expenses.

However, these are not the only sectors that our platform is applicable to. We know that NGOs, governments, marketing agencies, healthcare centers, legal firms, and other types of industries have their uniqueness and need customized project management solutions.

Thus, we have created a third project-management sector that brings together all the common general features between these different sectors and presented them in a third solution that benefits them all. This is a temporary solution, since our vision is to have tailorable solutions for all of these sectors, in due time.


Do you have a well-defined system?


We can offer you great value!

Our project management solution with tailored methods will help you manage various types and classes of projects from concept to success, following a project life cycle and a stage-gate approach.


We also have you covered!

We offer you the functionality to map it to The Uruk Platform to provide you with a bespoke digital solution.

We can also help assess your system and recommend improvements if needed.

The Uruk Platform gives you the ability to tailor and adapt a project management methodological process to fit the context of your organization and its projects.

Explore your options
The tailoring approach starts with a standard model to create fit-for-purpose methods

    1. Define:
      • Organization sector and domain.
      • Project type
      • Project size & complexity
      • Product development approach
    2. Select one of the Uruk built-in tailored methods.
    3. Alternatively, develop a bespoke tailored method with the Uruk Team

You are ready to start the Engine of Project success!

(no credit cards requirements)