Investment in Innovative Technology 

Current State & Vision

Our purpose is to Enable organizations to elevate performance, optimize their capital deployment, and lead projects to maximize shareholders´ and stakeholders´ value.

Through an AI-enabled digital solution, we aim to pave the path to excellence in how organizations lead their portfolios!


The Problem and the Opportunity

The Problem

Despite the proliferation of project management software tools, the project success rate is still surprisingly low and stagnant, leading to a high project failure rate and less-than-optimal project performance. Projects and project management failures are costing organizations billions of dollars. In a recent oil and gas presentation, the speaker mentioned $10 billion of losses due to project management challenges, which is common.

The Solution

The Uruk Platform can help organizations improve project management and product (asset) delivery practices. The platform provides enterprise-specific tailorable methods to support collaborative, frictionless decisions and effective performance tracking and optimization. In other words, the Uruk Platform is highly adaptive and scalable. It also contains built-in governance and organizational systems.

Uruk Investment Pitch


Past Fundraising

Uruk Project Management has completed two successful fundraising campaigns.

The campaigns included Friends, Family, and Colleagues, and Equity Crowdfunding.

Current Fundraising

With an MVP in the market, we want to shift our focus to working with angel investors, corporate ventures, and venture capital groups who work with early-stage startups. Many corporate ventures are part of organizations that can benefit greatly from the platform and we invite them to consider supporting the future of project management as co-creators and developers of the platform. Therefore, we have just initiated a Seed Round.

For accredited, angel investors, we have two routes:

you can also schedule an investment clarification meeting with us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this great opportunity!

It is a great investment opportunity!