In today’s post, we want to invite you to become part of the journey in making project management a critical domain for ALL industries. Also, our aim is to set project management skills essential for business success. Therefore, we ask the question: how can YOU contribute to the future of project management? What can you do in helping us achieve these vital objectives?

The Future of Project Management

Whether you are an individual, independent consultant, or an executive responsible for the portfolio and programs in your organization, YOU have a role. As you know, whether you work from home or work from anywhere, technology is vital. Also, projects are a must to grow the global economies, hence PMI usage of the term Project Economy.

Why a change is necessary?

As you know, we still see significant failures in managing projects, across all domains and sectors. There are numerous projects that end up late and significantly over budget.

WE WANT TO CHANGE the poor state of current practice.

How to change?

We want to be agents of change and making project management a catalyst for development and growth. Therefore, we want to change the project management culture in organizations. Consequently, we facilitate the culture that project management is vital for success as organizations transition and transform.

What is SUKAD Corp doing about this?

For a startup, we are doing what we could.

We have opened our online courses to the project management community for free. All of our courses are open, and many have benefited from this offering. This has been the case since the Pandemic started and will continue for a while.We are also sharing knowledge by participating in virtual events, around the world. Therefore, we have already delivered presentations in Malaysia, Morocco, India, and will be others soon. Starting in late January 2021, we are launching the Servant Leadership Initiative, with a series of webinars and open up for complimentary advisory and coaching sessions. has been publishing numerous e-books on project management by yours truly.

What else?

We are building the engine of project success (credit to Bill Duncan on this slogan), The Uruk Platform.

The Uruk Platform, The Engine of Project Success

We have published many articles in the past about the Uruk Platform. We have also established a LinkedIn Page, which you can follow to stay up to date with our progress. Further, we have a section on SUKAD Technology Solutions and Uruk on our website.

What have we done on the Uruk Platform, so far?

A group of friends and colleagues and I have worked together to raise funds. We had raised enough funds to register SUKAD Corp in the United States. Also, we finalized the vision and design for the Uruk Platform; we had published a few posts on the Uruk Platform page on LinkedIn. Further, we started architectural design and development. However, we had a major setback with our CTO’s loss, our software guru, who died recently. As a resilient startup, we had to redesign our strategy, pivot and developed our path forward strategy, which we have put into implementation.

We, Mounir and SUKAD co-founders believe that organizations today NEED the engine of project success. We know that the Uruk Platform can and will enable organizations to Lead Projects: Concept to Success!

How can you contribute?

The key remaining question is: what do we need today? What can you do to contribute to this vision of changing the project management culture?

We need you and for more than one reason.

The Uruk Platform Champions

First, we want believers and those that thrive on making a difference in our world and communities. We are eager to work with champions who believe in the strategic value of project management. In other words, we need the pioneering spirits that can help us help organizations elevate project management to becoming a formally recognized function. Consequently, help organizations Lead Projects: Concept to Success. YOU are our project management ambassadors.

Second, we need to raise funds to continue the development and outreach effort. The US Laws do not allow us to sell shares, but they allow us to work through equity-based crowdfunding platforms, that are open to the public. Open for the ambassadors and everyone in the investment or the project management community.

Here is the role of WeFunder. WeFunder is the largest equity-based crowdfunding platform. To protect YOU and the public, WeFunder has strict rules about who would they allow on their platform to raise funds in return for equity (ownership in SUKAD Corp). The first requirement is a detailed application, which we have done. However, the second requirement is to get YOU to vouch for us and contribute $100 or more. We need to reach $10,000 before they consider us to proceed to the next step.

The Good News, is that we reached the $10,000 stepping stone, WeFunder approved us, we filed with the US Gov, and now our campaign is live.

Closing Comments, Call to Action


Do you want to help us move ahead?

Are you one of the pioneers who would help make the Engine of Applied Project Management a reality?

Please check this link, consider our proposal; and we are looking forward to having you join our team!

Thank you

Mounir A. Ajam, SUKAD Corp co-founder and CEO.

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