In project management, the answer to many questions often starts with, “It Depends.” For example, what is the definition of a project? It Depends. What are the differences between PBS and WBS? How to differentiate between scope creep and scope change? Therefore, we decided to launch a knowledge-sharing series with the title “It Depends.” In other words, the “It Depends” knowledge series would help answer these questions and more. Therefore, the series includes short videos of these articles, and in the future, there will be additional references. In this post, we discuss the differences between a project management method and a project management method.

The “It Depends” Series

This series focuses on project management terminology, especially when we often have multiple views on defining or using them. Also, we would provide a comparison of terms.

Video No. 03: Method vs. Methodology


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PM Method versus PM Methodology


Hello this is Mounir Ajam.

Actually, this is like a sub-series within the series. Therefore, in this video and the next few videos, I will focus on project management methods. Often enough, in the community of project management, we use the terms method and methodology interchangeably; to mean the same thing. Therefore, in this post, it is important to talk about the difference between Method and Methodology.

Project Management Method

First, a Project Management Method is typically something specific. A method of doing something. Consequently, this means there are steps, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, that you follow. Further, in Project Management, a method probably follows a certain project life cycle and stage gate process. As a result, the word “method” usually means something unique about doing something particular to get a specific result.

Project Management Methodology

On the other hand, the word “Methodology” is a science of methods, like biology or geology. When you add those few letters at the end of a word, it would mean that we are talking about the science of methods. In general, methodology, the way we like to use it, is basically a set of methods. Further, the way we use it in SUKAD is that we talk about having a methodological approach to managing projects. This view is per the SUKAD Way.


Per the SUKAD Way, CAMMP specifically, which is the customizable and adaptable methodology for managing projects, we used the term “methodology.” The reason we did that is that for us, we are not developing a specific method that is fit for a specific purpose. What we are developing is a methodological approach. Consequently, we have a standard model, and from that standard model, we can develop numerous tailored methods. Therefore, a methodological approach or methodology for managing projects should produce a specifically tailored method.

Conclusion of the comparison

Consequently, method and methodology are not the same, although many people use them interchangeably, it is important to differentiate between the two.

Thank you.